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Sketch Headshots
Link me your OCs if you do this comish :) Id be happy to draw them
Basic Character Reference Sheet
1890's Z.A Outfit After by LadyRoslineDrake
1890's Z.A Outfit Before by LadyRoslineDrake
XB-25 concept by LadyRoslineDrake
Give me a basic outline, and I'll come up with an design. Which you can take from there as long as you credit me.
Dress Desgin
Another Dress Desgin by LadyRoslineDrake
Dress 2 by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Ophelia's New Hobby? by LadyRoslineDrake
Moxi's Dress by LadyRoslineDrake
Rowan's Dress by LadyRoslineDrake
I can design a dress for you :)
Five more points for make up.
10 more points for color
Coloring your Costume
MA-Skeleton Bride Colored(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Ophelia Christmas Dress-colored by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Cosplaying the Artist(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-A New Experiance by LadyRoslineDrake
Link me the drawing I did previously, and I can color for you :)
Complex Sketch Costumes (Female)
MA-Mesmer Mermaid(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
Queen Ravenna(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Skeleton Bride(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
Commision for Caelicorn-Alutina by LadyRoslineDrake
Give me a theme of what you would like to see your character in, and I hope I can deliver
Basic Sketch Costumes (Female)
MA-Naughty Nun (Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Masqurading Angel(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Dancing Devil(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Stormy Sea Treasure(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
I can draw female oc's in costumes of your choosing.

Newest Deviations

Mah Stuff


Here is many of my inspirations.
I'm kinda in the mood for a Skyrim rp. I have four characters, plus a version of myself. But, if your interested, describe your character in a note and say which interests you.

Vahriin Wuld-Nord, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Vampire Lord.
Enonsin Fel-Feim-Imperial, battlemage.
Magik Sylent-Tingue-Breton, Werewolf, Harbinger of the Companions. Dragonborn
Sybil Antler-Splitter-Wood Elf, Nightingale, Master Marksmen.
Myself-Surprises ^^ :P Recend previous statement, you can play yourself as well, or your character.

Enonsin punched her again, her rival held by her collar as another spray of blood trailed from her fist. "This is for my eyes!" A punch. "My beauty!" And the hardest punch, "AND STEALING THE MAN I LOVED!" Vahriin spat blood in her face, then looked over to her daughters.. " Whiterun...." She said, Enonosin staring, eyes wide and hand in mid punch. "...Tell your father...I'm sorry..." The girls cried, and ran out the hole in the wall as the Imperial looked down at the Nord. Staring into one anothers eyes, one set completely blind, the other blind in one. Both each others fault...
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Let's see who reads this entirely... Leave me an one word comment that best describes me, using the SECOND letter of your FIRST name. It can only be ONE word. Then copy and paste this to your journal so I can leave a word about you. Don't just PUT a word and NOT copy, that's no fun. 

Thank you!

Taken from Blaze
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So...I've actually set out to finish a story here. And then I'll motivate and finish Hope and Harmony next :) So, if you haven't, take a look now :3

The Seventh Gate: Part One Dark shapes stood over a casket, as the rain crashed down around the few figures that stood there, drowning the murmur of a final farewell. The pale earth turning grey as it swirled into puddles, becoming thick mud that clutched to polished shoes and mourner's clothing. How many times had the Winchesters heard these words, in all their various shapes and voices? To many to count, both the boys stood amongst only a half dozen people who attended this hunter's funeral, one that was only a few years younger then Dean.
There was nothing romantic with the boys and her, they had gotten attached to in their younger years but they lost contact with her when they moved away from the area she was in after John Winchester had finally completed his hunt (which took him nearly six months).
From what they remember, she was the youngest of seven, quiet and soft spoken and usually had a black eye or a bruise somewhere on her person from her "loving parents". The girl was one
  The Seventh Gate:Part 2For a long time, they stared at one another, him with his surprise and her with a coldness he wished she didn't have. "Ava-" The old lady came back out, while they again fell into silence; she absently babbled as she cleaned, while both of them vaguely listened. "Thank you. Can I have my check please and a to go box?" She nodded, then pleasantly smiled when Dean seconded her motion, sending her off for the moment.
"....Where'd you go? After we left I mean.." He questioned, a serious look on his face. "I left." She spoke with a seething tone. "That's not answering my question Aveline." His eyes narrowed, voice raising slightly. "I don't have too." She with equal volume, gathering her things completely as the elderly woman came back, setting the checks down, and boxing the food quickly. Aveline slapped a couple twenties down and lifted her stuff, Dean did the same, though he had less the carry.
Almost storming out, she went, and he followed. "What did I do?" She starting put her stu

The Seventh Gate: Part ThreeDark clouds began to brew over the town, signaling their need to hurry to the location; after a brief pause to argue about which car they were going to take, and the victory went to the Impala. Climbing into the passenger seat disgruntled, Aveline paused, the old Impala...such fond memories-however any trace of a smile was obliterated with her being startled as he cranked on the volume to the stereo. "Jesus Christ!" She punched him in the shoulder.
Dean just laughed, rolling out of the road through the town to the house that he had only heard about from her as a kid; she talked about it like it was a prison because of this Dean felt nothing but dread. Being who she was, she'd have a connection and probably be attacked once they got inside if she didn't freeze up outside. Looking at her briefly, he saw her staring out the window, lost in thoughts that made her eyes darken.
Looking ahead as they drove out onto the poor excuse of a road, lifted above the mud flats that would swallow anyth

So tell me what you think guys ^^. Help keep me motivated please ^^

So, no one seems super interested U.U am I that shitty of a writer? But here is the next to parts.

The Seventh Gate: Part FourDean ran from stairs, into the kitchen and pulling out anything flammable from shelves and was while he was doing this a door swung open just he was about to open to reveal stairs into the dark, the smell of soaking dirt rushed over him. He felt like it was a trap, and he turned just in time to be kicked hard down the stairs by the man, landing in the mud with the wind knocked out of him. His shot gun ended up somewhere out of the light and he heard footsteps down behind him, "You should have stayed out of this boy.." Dean pushed himself up, "And you should have stayed dead, you prick!" He stumbled forward into the dark, hoping to find his shot gun but found three gas cans instead. Quickly as he could, he checked, he didn't know if the gas was any good each of them were filled. "Lucky-" He started, and got blindsided by Aveline's father. "Not." As he scribbled to get up again, he saw a loose pipe and rushed for it.
Aveline was swearing, head hurting from all the emot
The Seventh Gate: Part FiveHe debated about driving to the nearest hospital, as the impala struggled through the muddy road; "Ava, Ava~talk to me." He chimed, trying to keep her from passing out. She could have a concussion, he knew probably something was broken and bruises starting to color on her paled skin. "...This fucking sucks.." She hissed softly, he half laughed. " does...but you know what? Once we get out of the hospital-" Aveline forced herself to turn, and grab his arm. "No hospital."
He could only look at her from his peripheral vision, but through the bruises and his own blurry vision; there was fear. "....But Aveline..." Her voice became stern, and almost angry as she could muster. "No Hospital." After a moment, Dean nodded "Fine", the car bouncing as the wheels caught road and he took the road about way back to the motel. They both were hurting, and she really needed a hospital if she had a concussion. "Ava?" Dean started to keep her talking.

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Morgana M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm LRD (A.K.A Lady Rosline Drake), I'm from Alaska and I really like to write and draw.

Drawing since I was younger was always entertaining, but who didn't color and scribble when they were in Kindergarten? A couple years ago, my best friend and I were talking and discussing topics for possible gaming plots when she began drawing a hand that was covered in marks and burns that had a story behind it. So I picked up a piece of paper and drew a hand myself, it was decent in my opinion, amazing in others (Because it was a first try). The hand was stretched out, asking for change as rain poured down over cut and bleeding fingers with a barbwire chained wrist. And from there, I began drawing more and more hands; simple because I was so good at it and liked the praise.

But eventually, I began drawing people, women mostly. Usually had to long torso's or limbs that weren't right, hands at a distance and faces were problems for me (And still sometimes are!) and I started experimenting with shadow, hair, and angles to hide these. Then I began "tracing" as I call it, I see a picture, take the outline and fill in the inside with whatever I wanted. Soon, praise and then frustration, I thought they were just saying it to make me happy.

Which made me determined to do more, I began drawing for my books, and from made up stories and table top gaming and online message role playing games. I began to watch a lot of Youtube for music and other sorta of inspirational material. A lot of times music helped me, but most of the times they remained images in my head.

My writing has always been all over the place, confusing and sometimes hard to read. But eh...I'll get it.

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