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Sketch Headshots
Commision-x-Xiulan-x by LadyRoslineDrake
Kirisa Lore-Ancient by LadyRoslineDrake
ZSG-Hello by LadyRoslineDrake
Link me your OCs if you do this comish :) Id be happy to draw them
Basic Character Reference Sheet
1890's Z.A Outfit After by LadyRoslineDrake
1890's Z.A Outfit Before by LadyRoslineDrake
XB-25 concept by LadyRoslineDrake
Give me a basic outline, and I'll come up with an design. Which you can take from there as long as you credit me.
Dress Desgin
Another Dress Desgin by LadyRoslineDrake
Dress 2 by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Ophelia's New Hobby? by LadyRoslineDrake
Moxi's Dress by LadyRoslineDrake
Rowan's Dress by LadyRoslineDrake
I can design a dress for you :)
Five more points for make up.
10 more points for color
Coloring your Costume
MA-Skeleton Bride Colored(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Ophelia Christmas Dress-colored by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Cosplaying the Artist(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-A New Experiance by LadyRoslineDrake
Link me the drawing I did previously, and I can color for you :)
Complex Sketch Costumes (Female)
MA-Mesmer Mermaid(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
Queen Ravenna(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Skeleton Bride(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
Commision for Caelicorn-Alutina by LadyRoslineDrake
Give me a theme of what you would like to see your character in, and I hope I can deliver
Basic Sketch Costumes (Female)
MA-Naughty Nun (Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Masqurading Angel(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Dancing Devil(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Stormy Sea Treasure(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
I can draw female oc's in costumes of your choosing.

Newest Deviations

Mah Stuff


Here is many of my inspirations.
Monster Academy peeps, girls or boys! Send me a message if your interested

A basic sketch costume, not a lot of detailed or refinement

MA-Dancing Devil(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrakeMA-Masqurading Angel(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrakeMA-Naughty Nun (Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
More detailed, refined.    

MA-Skeleton Bride(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrakeQueen Ravenna(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrakeMA-Mesmer Mermaid(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake

Coloring any of these will be another twenty points. Points 

Pick one :3 I'll pick the dragon I feel represents you the best and draw it :) Mind you I have to know you well enough ^^

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Timelords Jam
  • Reading: Whatever
  • Watching: Anything I please
  • Playing: Fallout 3/LARP
  • Eating: Unhealthy things.
  • Drinking: Seriously unhealthy things
Initially I joined, one of this people just to favorite art because at the time I really was shy and didn't want to post my crappy art. I was really self conscious about how people would see it as.

My first deviation postedRosline Drake: Depiction 1 by LadyRoslineDrake

I didn't get any feed back, and had no watchers for several months. And favorited so many, I grew quickly doubtful any one would notice me. That was until I posted pictures of my mom's cat. A Prideful Gaze by LadyRoslineDrake

And everyone loves cats, so I got instant fans-favorites rained in from the heavens but no watchers. But as I lost hope again, I looked back through my drawings and just said fuck it-even Luis Royo submits his incomplete stuff. The Dragon's Armor by LadyRoslineDrake

Morgana Drake: Depiction 1 by LadyRoslineDrake

Morgana: Depiction 2 by LadyRoslineDrake

Vahriin Wuld-A healer by LadyRoslineDrake

Greystone Ash-Last Best Hope for Humanity(Fallout) by LadyRoslineDrake

My Commander Shepard by LadyRoslineDrake

I grew more comfortable but almost a year approached and I only had a handful of people who were rarely on. Then I joined Monster Academy(Actually Two other Groups Proceeded it but one faded and the other went to a stand still)Ophelia and Me by LadyRoslineDrake


Ophelia Forest, the character that began filling my gallery initallily beside photos and random doodles
Ophelia in jeans by LadyRoslineDrake

Alurred Almon by LadyRoslineDrake

Innncence and Dazed by LadyRoslineDrake

MA-Life and Death by LadyRoslineDrake

I really wasn't hat good, usually mimicking peoples styles to make it look pleasing ^^' Before I produced a piece that really got popularityOphelia with her hair down by LadyRoslineDrake

In truth, nothing really has a lot of favs, but I put this as one of the ones that got me on the map. If not all the cat photos, but that's pretty much all to the tale.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Timelords Jam
  • Reading: Whatever
  • Watching: Anything I please
  • Playing: Fallout 3/LARP
  • Eating: Unhealthy things.
  • Drinking: Seriously unhealthy things


LadyRoslineDrake's Profile Picture
Morgana M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm LRD (A.K.A Lady Rosline Drake), I'm from Alaska and I really like to write and draw.

Drawing since I was younger was always entertaining, but who didn't color and scribble when they were in Kindergarten? A couple years ago, my best friend and I were talking and discussing topics for possible gaming plots when she began drawing a hand that was covered in marks and burns that had a story behind it. So I picked up a piece of paper and drew a hand myself, it was decent in my opinion, amazing in others (Because it was a first try). The hand was stretched out, asking for change as rain poured down over cut and bleeding fingers with a barbwire chained wrist. And from there, I began drawing more and more hands; simple because I was so good at it and liked the praise.

But eventually, I began drawing people, women mostly. Usually had to long torso's or limbs that weren't right, hands at a distance and faces were problems for me (And still sometimes are!) and I started experimenting with shadow, hair, and angles to hide these. Then I began "tracing" as I call it, I see a picture, take the outline and fill in the inside with whatever I wanted. Soon, praise and then frustration, I thought they were just saying it to make me happy.

Which made me determined to do more, I began drawing for my books, and from made up stories and table top gaming and online message role playing games. I began to watch a lot of Youtube for music and other sorta of inspirational material. A lot of times music helped me, but most of the times they remained images in my head.

My writing has always been all over the place, confusing and sometimes hard to read. But eh...I'll get it.

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