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Sketch Headshots
Commision-x-Xiulan-x by LadyRoslineDrake
Kirisa Lore-Ancient by LadyRoslineDrake
ZSG-Hello by LadyRoslineDrake
Link me your OCs if you do this comish :) Id be happy to draw them
Basic Character Reference Sheet
1890's Z.A Outfit After by LadyRoslineDrake
1890's Z.A Outfit Before by LadyRoslineDrake
XB-25 concept by LadyRoslineDrake
Give me a basic outline, and I'll come up with an design. Which you can take from there as long as you credit me.
Dress Desgin
Another Dress Desgin by LadyRoslineDrake
Dress 2 by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Ophelia's New Hobby? by LadyRoslineDrake
Moxi's Dress by LadyRoslineDrake
Rowan's Dress by LadyRoslineDrake
I can design a dress for you :)
Five more points for make up.
10 more points for color
Coloring your Costume
MA-Skeleton Bride Colored(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Ophelia Christmas Dress-colored by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Cosplaying the Artist(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-A New Experiance by LadyRoslineDrake
Link me the drawing I did previously, and I can color for you :)
Complex Sketch Costumes (Female)
MA-Mesmer Mermaid(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
Queen Ravenna(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Skeleton Bride(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
Commision for Caelicorn-Alutina by LadyRoslineDrake
Give me a theme of what you would like to see your character in, and I hope I can deliver
Basic Sketch Costumes (Female)
MA-Naughty Nun (Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Masqurading Angel(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Dancing Devil(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
MA-Stormy Sea Treasure(Halloween Challenge) by LadyRoslineDrake
I can draw female oc's in costumes of your choosing.

Newest Deviations

Mah Stuff


Here is many of my inspirations.
Their mothers, perished in each of in their own great battles; their fathers companions of the heroines

Nirriti, had fiery hair like her mother Fable, but her tanned skin like Zeveran, one blue eye and one green eye; her skills in the form of daggers and magic, but she didn't use magic often due to no teacher when her mother went to find a cure for the blight-the letters had stop some time ago. Adorned in leather armor, the rogue watched in silence; waiting for someone to prey on. A gift of near immunity to the Darkspawn taint, it allowed her to stay and watch Darkspawn movements for a woman she knew as Aunt Nightingale.

Sarah, a half breed, the palest of blond hair from Nimue and blue eyes like both her parents, born of magic, and fragile in her youth. Her ears sharp through her fathers genes, when Nimue left to help with the inquisition, Fenris took the young one far from the fighting, awaiting word; in hope. But when it finally arrived... it was not what they had desired to hear.

In Solas's arms, a tiny bundle he set at the base of a tree not far from Uthenara's old clan; saved by Commander Cullen only a year ago. His heart ached as the child cooed soundlessly, "Atisha..." He whispered, stroking her cheek a moment. "..." He wrapped another blanket around her, then gave her two things-her mother's pendant of Mythal, and his own wolfs jaw pendant. It was all he could spare for her...
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  • Listening to: What I'm Obsessed With Latetly
  • Reading: Amtgard Rulebook(For a test)
  • Watching: Log Horizon
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Got this from :iconpsycrowe:

RULES (please read)
1. For the first 3-5* people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal.

1: :iconpsycrowe: - Dimitri

Honestly, I love the hell out of Fallout 3, but I never felt good enough to draw my heros more then once each. So finding Dimi and all those comics made me laugh :) Here is my favorite

Fallout 3 - Reaver by psycrowe
2: :iconasha-lin-vas-yaska: - Ellisse
As oc's go, SPN ones are very tragic, but she certainly made hers loveable even so. ^^
SPN: Ellisse (2) by Asha-Lin-vas-Yaska

3:  :icongaloogamelady: - Buttons

Another Fallout Artist with an amazing OC, Buttons. Makes me wanna rp and play again ^^ His expressions and how well she displays the colors is awesome :)
Wee Butts by GalooGameLady

4: :iconpistachiozombie: - Katie/Lennie.

The most amazing team, of bad ideas XD I love Kate's personality and I love the hell out divisity. Zombie's the first I saw with a Super Mutant Oc and I applaud her.
GRAB MY BUTT by pistachioZombie
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: What I'm Obsessed With Latetly
  • Reading: Amtgard Rulebook(For a test)
  • Watching: Log Horizon
  • Playing: DA:I
  • Eating: Health Food that I'm sure is Upsetting my belly
  • Drinking: So much water...
Log Horizon-really good anime and I really enjoyed watching it. It's really cool :)…

How to Train Your Dragon 1&2-Omgurd dragons.

Pathfinder Characters-Obvious yes?

LARP characters-Yu
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: What I'm Obsessed With Latetly
  • Reading: Amtgard Rulebook(For a test)
  • Watching: Log Horizon
  • Playing: Hopefully soon, DA:I
  • Eating: Health Food that I'm sure is Upsetting my belly
  • Drinking: So much water...


LadyRoslineDrake's Profile Picture
Morgana M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm LRD (A.K.A Lady Rosline Drake), I'm from Alaska and I really like to write and draw.

Drawing since I was younger was always entertaining, but who didn't color and scribble when they were in Kindergarten? A couple years ago, my best friend and I were talking and discussing topics for possible gaming plots when she began drawing a hand that was covered in marks and burns that had a story behind it. So I picked up a piece of paper and drew a hand myself, it was decent in my opinion, amazing in others (Because it was a first try). The hand was stretched out, asking for change as rain poured down over cut and bleeding fingers with a barbwire chained wrist. And from there, I began drawing more and more hands; simple because I was so good at it and liked the praise.

But eventually, I began drawing people, women mostly. Usually had to long torso's or limbs that weren't right, hands at a distance and faces were problems for me (And still sometimes are!) and I started experimenting with shadow, hair, and angles to hide these. Then I began "tracing" as I call it, I see a picture, take the outline and fill in the inside with whatever I wanted. Soon, praise and then frustration, I thought they were just saying it to make me happy.

Which made me determined to do more, I began drawing for my books, and from made up stories and table top gaming and online message role playing games. I began to watch a lot of Youtube for music and other sorta of inspirational material. A lot of times music helped me, but most of the times they remained images in my head.

My writing has always been all over the place, confusing and sometimes hard to read. But eh...I'll get it.

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